Welcome to The Zapotec Art!

We are a company that elaborates textiles for home and social events decorations, office items, to name only a few. Since we aim for the highest standards in our products, we use cotton and wool of the best quality obtained from the state of Oaxaca, a state characterized by its large variety of artesan products and where our factory is located.

The quality of our products has allowed us to grow as a company because we fulfill an essential principle:  our clients must be totally satisfied of buying an authentic artesan Mexican product of the highest quality. in addition, We have been able to produce zapotec art in large quantities, coping with both the local and international demand. As for local demand, we supply other textile companies, hotels, and restaurants with our artesan products. As for international demand, we export large quantities of our products to different countries around the world.

We guarantee all our artesan products because the satisfaction of our clients is our principal and most important objective.

Our 20 years of experience and prestige give us the confidence and recognition from our clients .